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Our menu has a wide range of dishes: from seafood cuisine with fresh fish to grilled meat, our famous pizzas and farinata awarded as Italian excellence 2020/2021.

We also have a wide selection of zero km craft beers and organic wines.

Nella proposta della cucina ci sono le grigliate di pesce e di carne, perché non perdiamo mai l’occasione di accendere il fuoco per cucinare, soprattutto in estate all’aria aperta!


Our cuisine is characterized by the link with the tradition of the Ligurian territory, at the head of the kitchen is Chef Alessandro Sciutto, who is known for having been the Chef of the “Fornace” for many years.

The appetizer include the Formaggetta dell’alta Langa with Taggiasca olives and the fried PANISSA, typical of our region; in appearance they are similar to french fries, instead it is a dough made with chickpea flour, which is then solidified, cut and fried, if you have never tasted it, it is a must try before moving on to the main course!

Our first courses prefer fresh fish, there may be variations depending on the availability of the fish, because it is important for us to offer you a product of high quality.

Certainly the gnocchi with home made pesto cannot be missing from the menu, we do it, because fresh basil has a completely different flavor, try it for yourself ?

Our grilled meat and fish are not to be missed! Especially in the summer period at the open air

Nessun ingrediente segreto,
perché è tutto certificato!

L’unica aggiunta al piatto è un abbondante spruzzata di simpatia che il nostro staff aggiungerà da voi al tavolo.


More than 50 different types of pizza, to ensure everyone can find their favorite, with a common ingredient: quality.

We may be a little crazy but we know how to eat well!

Our quality is made up of:

  1. 100% Italian Bio wheat flour, type 1 stone-ground
  2. Wood oven, which makes the crust crunchy and releases unique aromas
  3. Long times of leavening and maturation of the dough, for better digestibility and lightness

No secret ingredients, because everything is certified!

The only addition to the dish is a generous splash of sympathy that our staff will add douring the service


Farinata has been our specialty since 2006, that is for 15 years!

What is farinata:

Farinata is a popular food that is prepared with simply: flour and water, a pinch of salt and oil.
This liquid mixture rest for a few hours, after which a few ladles are poured into large round pans, called “testo”, made of tinned copper.

During cooking, which should be done in a wood oven at a temperature of 200 degrees for about 10 minutes, the farinata forms a crunchy crust above and below, and retains its softness and moisture inside. It is served as an appetizer to share, or as a single dish; it can be smooth or seasoned at will.

Yellow or white?

The white one is the result of the typical Savona recipe. The white farinata is named for its color, in fact, unlike the yellow one which is made with chickpea flour and which can be found throughout Liguria (and beyond), the white one is made of wheat, and has a much more delicate flavor, it remains crunchy on the outside and soft inside, and is typical of the municipality of Savona, you can only find it here!

We like it thin, because of the crunchy crust on the top. It and can be stuffed at will with sausage, cheeses, or eaten plain … each one has its own ritual!


Grilled Sardinian suckling pig, Bavarian-style shank, grilled meat… are our best dishes!

The novelty of this year are the hamburgers, carefully chosen to have only the best for the environment and for your health and nutrition; in fact, we decided to use grass feed meat burgers.

The production of these burgers also looks to animal welfare, in fact the cows are fed only with fresh grass, and this guarantees a healthier product, with 40% fewer calories and more unsaturated fats, good for health.

Pig and Shin can be found every Sunday for lunch, by reservation, and, always by reservation, we deliver them to your home in the evening!